Mecca's Crystal Trees



These unique pieces of art don't only look beautiful, but also have powerful healing properties that can bring you peace, joy, relaxtion and calmness. You can choose the colors, type, amount and variety of stones or crystals you would like. Customers can request a certin type of stone or crystal or let me choose for you based on what healing properties you are looking for.




Each tree is custom made and is one of a kind. The price of the tree varies with the type of crystals or stones and size of the tree. The tree size may vary from 7in to 12in. The prices for the trees start at $50 and go up from there. These trees make great birthday, Christmas, holiday presents or a nice gift to someone. If you have any questions or would like a custom tree, please contact me with the box below.


Meccas Crystal Trees

Hello and welcome to my website! Here you will find unique and beautiful custom made crystal trees. Hope you enjoy!

Here are some choices of stones that you can selects for a tree. You can also choose multiple tyes of stones or crystals for the tree.